We are different from other language schools.


How so?


We're smaller, more flexible and more personal.

We believe that a positive learning environment is essential to maximize student achievement. We want you
to feel comfortable during the lessons - and if this means that you'd like us to explain the grammar in English or French, we'll be happy to do so. 

We're not convinced of "total immersion" as the sole teaching method. Learning means making connections. If we can help you make connections to a language you're familiar with, that's a great benefit right there! You should take advantage of it.


We teach all levels of German and English to business people, other professionals, students, or anyone just needing to improve their skills.

We meet YOUR needs!



At freshminds only:


"Survival German":
Opening a bank account, finding an apartment, shopping, making
appointments, doctor's appointments, filling in forms, small talk
with your neighbours

"Early bird German"
German at dawn and your worries are gone!
From 7:00 a.m. (strong coffee and croissant included)

"Mit Rilke und Morgenstern die Aussprache verbessern"
For advanced students who want to improve their pronunciation





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